A social community and portfolio site for aspiring artists.

  • Custom CMS and social network.
  • Social features such as liking, pinning, sharing, and following.
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and Fotomoto.
  • Popularity algorithim.
  • Custom and reusable designs.

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Corning Gorilla Glass


Online seller of t-shirts for charity started by Patty Mills.

  • Custom CMS and E-commerce website.
  • Social features such as liking, following, and wall posts.
  • Dynamic contests.
  • Integration with Google Maps.

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Corning Gorilla Glass

Official website for Corning's Gorilla Glass, used in over 2.7 billion devices including smart phones.

  • Custom CMS.
  • Development, staging, and live sites with automatic pulls between.
  • Video uploading/processing via BrightCove.
  • Completely customizable multi-language content

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A social community where aspiring writers can post their writing, get reviews and feedback, befriend other authors, join groups, and enter writing contests.

  • Rich text posts (using customized Lightweight RTE)
  • User created contests with submission options, voting, and awards.
  • Custom rating weight algorithm
  • Custom Facebook application
  • Social community features including friends, mail, comments, e-mail notices, news feeds, and sharing.
  • Custom advertisting program integrated with PayPal. Also features flash based graphs developed by Patrick Konsor
  • Lots of AJAX and jQuery
  • Custom design
  • MySQL database optimization & large database backup

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Online tool for calculating running time of various types of scripts in multiple languages.

  • Payment processing and recurring billing via Authorize.net (AIM & AR)
  • Custom styles for FCKEditor
  • Export HTML to Microsoft Word file
  • Extensive use of Regular Expressions
  • Design by Jesse Holk

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